Palm Coupling Locks

Key features

  • Can be supplied with either fleet key or different key reference for each lock at the same price
  • Where a specific key ref has been ordered before, we can source locks with that key no. (lead time 4-5 weeks if we don’t have the lock barrels in stock)
  • 2 keys per lock as standard, extra keys can be ordered
  • Palm locks and C-Coupling locks all use the same lock barrel, so a fleet can be secured with either type to one key ref
  • This is a lock to cover the palm coupling and prevent the accidental coupling of a  trailer.
  • The yellow VOR disc also fits this model
  • To fit – Remove the key and fit the lock over the coupling then press in the lock.
  • To remove – Unlock with the key and slip the lock  off the palm coupling.
  • Locks benefit from an occasional application of mineral oil  to the inside
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The palm coupling lock uses tried and tested components to ensure simple and dependable operation

We have done tests on a wide variety of palm couplings sourced through various channels to ensure it fits easily and locks securely to all. Locks fit without the need for the key, average fitting time just a few seconds.

Locks can be supplied with Polyurethane VOR Disc which fits securely to the lock.