PCL Tyre Valve Clip on Connectors

Alloy/steel wheels have got bigger with intricate designs
making the valves more difficult to reach with the human
hand. The new range now consists of standard straight as
well as 90-degree connectors for those difficult to reach
valves, with both hose tail fitting and female threaded
versions available.
Manufactured using the finest zinc alloy, aluminium and
brass, the Air Connector boasts a vice like grip and easy
operation with a simple but effective thumb push button
which quickly releases the tyre valve, reducing non-value
added time

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Part Ref Type Hose ID / Thread
CH2K01 STRAIGHT 7.9 mm – 5/16”
CH2H01 STRAIGHT 6.35 mm – 1/4”
CH2A01 STRAIGHT 1/4” Inlet
CH4K01 ANGLED 7.9 mm – 5/16”
CH4H01 ANGLED 6.35 mm – 1/4”
CH4A01 ANGLED 1/4” Inlet